A full live near to my computer makes me so comfortable with computers and keyboards. As part of life, i’ve been a “web guy”, the “computer guy”, and sometimes “the nerd who don’t sleep”.

Nowadays, when i see people asleep to manage their virtual resources at some stupid game on the smartphone i think that they’re the nerds now. Maybe not nerd, but ridiculous at least.


  • Programming

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Autoit (VB like)
  • Specialties

  • Web related stuff Python & PHP
  • Selenium
  • Cross platform solutions


  • There's no much to put in there.
  • Stack overflow is my bible, internet & github are my toy stores, and gaming the way to dream when i'm awake.
  • Programming is only something that i do because i learned it time to time spending my whole life at computers, like someone who drives a car and finally learn something related to mechanics.

Work Experience

  • Most of my work related to computer was mainly web stuff. Think on Prestashop stores, Joomla/Wordpress websites and so on. Bit of automation for servers and that's all.
  • I've tried many jobs along my life :D and programming is not one of those that i enjoyed. It's lot better as hobbie than a full-time job.


  • Loving Python so much, hating Java and forgetting PHP day by day. I will not tell you what's better, just my thoughts
  • Loving Kivy with Python and even QPthon
  • Loving Linux, specially Debian, my lovely Debian that made me learn a lot working with a wm8505 SOC shitty machine few years ago
  • Loving Monit. No more custom daemons for make services alive again after OOM_Killer...

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