Hi, I am erm3nda

I am basically a researcher and computers enthusiast. I have hundreds of folders containing code created looking for something, mostly learned reading other’s code pieces and of course the StackOverflow. I’ve spent my whole life gaming and doing sports, but hey, those last 5 years i’ve sitted on pc with no games and learned to code something. Here few things that i’d like to share.

As my StackOverflow profile says:

I’m just a curious m@nkey with some dummy time I spent on my laptop. Even if I love computers, sometimes i think on hammers when i use it.

Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow is a online community I hang around a lot during my free time. You can find me answering questions on Sencha’s Ext Js , C# and Java. Here is my flair:

erm3nda's profile at stackoverflow

About this Site

This is a static site powered by Jekyll. The design was done by me and the theme is freely available on Github. I have used Bootstrap, jQuery, icons from Metro Studio of Syncfusion and Github for hosting the site.

Finally i’m bloggin inside github-pages using gists as code blocks, like this one:

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Contact Me

Just throw something to erm3nda at gmail

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